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There's not enough caulk in that hole

Our re-model from a RV to our ArtV Tiny House on wheels is almost complete!

We are so excited to share the progress and end results with all of y'all.

If you are in the NYC or NJ April 28th come down to Flagship Brewery 6-11pm & help us send off STATEN ISLAND'S VERY FIRST TINY HOUSE TOUR!

There will be 18 vendors selling homemade crafts and goods, local food and coffee, live local acoustic music, local craft beer, performance by Mercury and the Architects and of course the reveal of my ArtV Tiny House!

I can't repeat enough or express how grateful I am for everyone who has helped us with this project! Through the best and the worst times, together we have truly turned Crystal from a 3-star gal to a solid 8!

In the last few weeks we have truly made a difference in her re-model.

We had a very bad winter this year, which made it difficult to work on the RV as much and as quick as we had originally planned to. Even with the weather and the issues we ran into, we are very happy with the results.

We used heat guns, goo-gone and a good ol' scrapper to remove all of the old decals off the RV. She is already starting to look like a million bucks!

Bed frame built with access to everything underneath from a sliding door. I can also lift the plywood and access the water heater and fresh water tank etc from the top.

My dad's worker showed me how to properly lay down my bad ass vinyls! They are click in ones so we didn't have to worry about gluing anything, but the cuts around everything was the most time consuming.

Mercury and the Architects came to help paint the inside. They are true rock stars and have been so supportive throughout this project. Art Van Grow and Mercury and the Architects cannot wait for everyone to see our collaborative project Live for the Adventure!

Since we're on the topic of awesome people, meet Alex! Alex has been living full time in his Sprinter Van for over 2 years! He did the conversion by himself and all while living in it. Check out his full conversion on his instagram @wjplata

Alex invited Phil, myself, and Crystal to his wood shop so we could work on the RV in a more opened space and with tools easily accessible. Alex taught me how to properly build and the basic skill set I would need to fix things if I come across future problems.

With Alex teaching me step by step, we built a closet on the loft to store our clothes. All of the bottom cabinets are on a track and move in order to access the space. Theres a bar on the left for our hanging clothes and a book shelf in the center.

With Alex teaching me step by step, we built a closet on the loft to store our clothes. All of the bottom cabinets are on a track and move in order to access the space. Theres a bar on the left for our hanging clothes and a book shelf in the center.

With the help of Alex, I was able to build a lot of storage that could also serve more than one function

We also....

A hamper that I later made a seat cushion for so it could also be used as a bench.

A step with storage in it so I can get on my very very tall bed.

Two deep drawers under the bed for undies and socks.

Speaker boxes for our new speakers with mini shelves on top.

Molding everywhere! Molding is my new best friend and truly completed the look I had wanted in there.

Removed the old TV cabinet that no longer had any use. This was amazing and opened up the space so much. HGTV would be so proud of me for implementing an open concept floor plan haha.

Built USB outlet boxes.

Put Wayne's board and re-tiled the bathroom floor.

Boxed out the wires with a bookshelf.

Built cabinet doors for where we removed the microwave so we now have some storage for bathroom things.

I have officially gotten an A in Tiny House building 101 with Alex! Now on to the next trade.

We cannot thank Alex enough for all of his help! I am so grateful to you for teaching me the basic skills to build and helping to bring out my creative side into building. We are also so excited for our new friend Alex and to see him during our adventures on the West Coast. If you ever want to be inspired by a single conversation...have some 4:20 tea and chat it up with Alex! OR if you want to learn how to tiny build..Alex is looking into doing more work in the van life and tiny house community helping others like me get that much closer to hitting the road!

P.S. If you want to hear a bunch of knee-slapping caulk jokes..Alex is also your guy haha.

Meanwhile on the roof...

Phil started to install and mount the solar panels on the roof! Soon we will have 680 watts of solar so we could be completely off-grid if we choose to. That should be more than enough for what we need.

It's finally Mom's time to shine! My mom, cousin-in-law Bryan and myself made seat cushions for the bench. I got the fabric from Hobby Lobby and a scrap plywood and we made ourselves a little couch for my living room!

My mom is a real MVP for supporting us, letting us park in the driveway, dealing with us, and of course finding this awesome map fabric to use!

Crystal has literally done a 360 in just a few weeks and we couldn't have been happier with the results. She looks absolutely amazing! We never thought we would come to the day where she looks like she is almost complete.

Once again we couldn't have done any of this without all of the awesome people in our lives that have been inspired by what we are doing and had offered a helping hand. I hope that one day each and every one of you will be able to live the very best life that you want just like you helped us to create!

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