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How we bought the damn thing

Updated: Jun 11, 2019

I want to say it was love at first sight...but, I am not too sure at this point in the game. Let me start from the VERY beginning! I had just got back from spending ten days in beautiful Costa Rica. I was most definitely on an adventure high because my first bad day at work had me thinking where to next. I couldn't come up with just one "next" because I knew that my next step in my life was to travel more full time. I had told Phil I wanted to move and at first he thought I was kidding, but next thing you know I am sharing my love for the #TinyHouseMovement with him. A few weeks later I got a text while I was at my moms from Phil saying "I made up my mind, I want to run away with you!". I was beyond excited to hear that my best friend wants to run away with me and explore the world and I was eager to get the ball rolling.

Phil and I started watching more videos on the movement. We researched Sprinter Van conversions and Skoolies as well and was so torn on what we wanted to do exactly. I knew I had to cross off an actual Tiny House for now (key word, for now) because it just wasn't going to be aerodynamic enough for the amount of traveling we wanted to do. At that point we decided we were going to go with whichever vehicle came our way first that seemed good enough.

One Tuesday morning we woke up and drove about two hours into Jersey to look at a Class C RV that had looked like it was in fantastic condition. When we showed up it was the complete opposite. The RV wouldn't start for several minutes, all the tires were balled and had rusted rims, and there was apparent water damage along EVERY seem of the RV. We both looked at each other and said NOPE. At this point we were thrilled we followed everyone's "used RV checklist" and noticed all the things. From here we drove another three hours into Connecticut to look at another RV. We were nervous because this one was significantly cheaper and we were scared what that would look like compared to the one we had just saw.

So we pulled up at a car wash to go see her and she looked GREAT...and I am not just saying that because she just got detailed, she looked to be in great condition. 2000 Shasta Sprite Class C RV 64k miles...we thought how could we beat that? We followed the same checklist, which this time failed us in the long run. She had no apparent water damage, tires looked great, breaks over 50%, brand new fuel pump, lower mileage, backup camera, Navi...we thought we hit the RV lottery! We told them we loved it, because we did...she seemed perfect enough to slap some paint on, change the floors, and go we thought.

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