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A day in San Diego

San Diego is one of the most visited tourist destinations in America and for good reason, it's an oceanfront city with near-perfect year-round weather. With over 70 miles of coastline and 150 days of sunshine each year. it's no wonder they consider San Diego America's Finest City.

We spent a day at Balboa Park, the city's definitive cultural hub.

Into paradise named after the 15th-century explorer Vasco núñez de Balboa, the park is the pride of the city and a National Historic Landmark located in downtown San Diego about two miles north of the city center.

Balboa Park boasts buildings beautiful enough to be considered attractions in themselves especially. Soak up the stunning setting while exploring the many museum's theaters gardens that call this 1,200-acre park home with its warm year-round.

The San Diego Zoo is located in the northwest corner of Balboa Park. This 100-acre establishment is one of the most famous zoos in the country and houses one of the largest collections of rare. So as you're walking through the park you get to really see the diverse changes of species and animals.

The zoo is absolutely family-friendly and features a really convenient transportation system and guided bus tour that takes you around the park. Not to mention they also have the Skyfari, which is a gondola that can take you from one end of the park to the other, This is great for us.

I think a lot of you will have to agree with me here that the USS Midway is probably the most impressive thing about San Diego. The Midway is an enormous ship that is filled with fascinating stories.

USS Midway museum one of the longest-serving aircraft carriers in the world has been permanently moored at San Diego's Embarcadero since 2004. But it definitely saw a lot of action since then, No matter you like the military or not.

The largest museum dedicated to aircraft carriers and naval aviation anywhere more than 225,000 soldiers lived and served on board this historic ship.

This is a highly interactive museum, board this historic ship that gives you a chance to talk to veterans. To see planes in action, jump into a cockpit and just roam around the deck of the aircraft carrier. On the deck, you'll also hear directly from veterans just how planes took off and landed on a carrier like this.

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We came to San Diego Safari Park explore is one of the largest man-made safari parks in the world. With over 2600 animals, roaming 1,800 acres of authentic natural habitats nestled in the San Pasquale Valley. This gigantic Safari Park is a perfect escape where you can travel the world and see its most magnificent creatures all in a single day.

More than 2,600 animals to explore hunt and play in perfectly. Visitors can check out the stunning live shows, like the Cheetah Run or lemur walk, where you can get up close and personal to some inspiring wild creatures.

The park also boasts one of the world's largest veterinary hospitals and is committed to animal well-being. You can learn all about their conservation efforts in the dedicated Conservation.

San Diego Natural History Museum is my favorite place, It is the oldest scientific institution in Southern California. History of the region the museum was established in 1874 and its current Spanish Revival home from 1933 was given a renovation at the start of the new millennium.

There are four floors of exhibitions, a 3d theater showing films with a focus on the natural world and a research collection of nine million specimens. the fossil mysteries exhibition examines California's rich prehistory and it's packed with spectacular fossils models.

Interactive stations and murals visitors can venture through Southern California's varied ecosystems at the coast to cactus and study the state's relationship with h2o at the water a California story.

Another place that you can't miss is La Jolla Cove. This compact north-facing Cove in La Jolla is one of the most photographed pieces of the California coast.

And with good, the reason as the scenery is breathtaking with rocks containing caves that hem the beach all within six thousand acres the Cove is protected as part of a marine reserve and underwater. You can rent kayaks and venture into various caves along the shore as well as swim scuba dive among the sea kelp and Sun yourself, just like a seal.

La Jolla Cove is loved by both locals and visitors from around the world from its breathtaking sunsets and the majestic sea. It's great for a date night or, as a traveler, coming here for a stroll and really exploring the town.

That's why I love San Diego.

I hope you guys enjoyed it.

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